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Goals: Why and How

The Why and the How

I have often heard of the importance of why. It has been said that if you have a strong enough reason to do something, you will be able to accomplish anything. Well, I would like to add to that. First off: is your reason a worthy, healthy reason? If it is for revenge, to spite someone, or to hurt someone, then it could be a strong enough reason, but not a good reason. And that could end up being detrimental to you.

Finding your purpose (why) in whatever you are doing can help you stay the course, get past obstacles, and be victorious. But without the right why, you may lose more than you won. Certain reasons can destroy you by the time you have achieved your goal. So having the right why or reason is an important step not to be bypassed or dismissed. Examine your reason why before committing to it.

But why is only half of the battle. I have had the right why for doing things, but sometimes it was the how that stopped me in my tracks. How do I do it? Which is the best way to do it? Which way will offer the best short and long term outcomes?

Things like fame are chased after by people. Some who are famous thrive, some destroy themselves by accident or on purpose. Their why may not have served them or many times it is how they achieved the fame that did them in.

One of my favorite quotes is from Creating Money by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

“The process of getting there is the quality of being there.”

To me, that means that how you get where you want to go determines what it will be like when you get there. When people say it is lonely at the top, how did they get to the top? Probably NOT by making friends along the way. Probably they alienated people, cut corners, and lost friends to get there. So, of course it would be lonely when they arrived. Who did they expect to be there? There will be the people they paid to be there: staff, manager, agent, work colleagues, etc.

Every good why to do something should have an equally good how to get it. Your reason for getting your goal should be as good as the way that you achieve it for true success.

Do you have a good why? What about your how?

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Release Blitz: Project Paradise
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Series: The Juniper Court Series
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If we build it … will they come?

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Learning Languages

One of the things I have resolved to do year after year is to learn a language to fluency in reading, writing, and speaking. That feels quite ambitious for me, but I do enjoy hearing other languages, and I have longed to be able to communicate in one other than English. I know a little German and Danish, a bit more Spanish and French, but not enough of any of them to converse with anyone.

I get all excited, borrow or buy language materials, and get off to a great start. Then I ‘get busy’ with other things, and it gets pushed aside as not important or even a time waster.

I had found an app that made it fun: Duolingo. I enjoyed typing in the translations, repeating sentences aloud, and playing the quizzes. However, after I would learn new things in the app, I had nowhere to record it for offline learning. This app felt like complementary learning but was missing the part that allowed to keep a record of what I had learned.

Then I focus on books, online tools, and audio versions. I was told to watch shows and listen to music in the language I was learning to make it more fun. With watching shows, I would often get lost in reading subtitles and figuring out what was being said. With music, I found myself enjoying the music, but not really trying to learn the lyrics.

So, is it a discipline issue, a fleeting desire to learn without any real substance, or something I need to let go of and move on already? I am not sure which is correct as I start learning languages again in 2018. Maybe this time I will stick with it.

How about you? How many languages are you fluent in? Are you currently learning any? Do you have any suggestions for apps or other language materials?

2018 Blogging Challenge

I have read other bloggers’ challenges and have wanted to do some, but never committed. This year I would like to make some blogging commitments, including posting at least once a week. I joined a reading challenge last year and lost track of how many books I actually read as opposed to updated in Goodreads. But this year I want to go beyond reading challenges.

My blogging challenge will range from easily achievable to more difficult: Read the rest of this entry »

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