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Christian Siriano was so much fun to watch when he was on Project Runway.  I was thrilled when he won.  He was Fashion Designeronly 21 years old, but had a definite design point of view.  I enjoyed viewing his Spring 2011 collection that was shown as part of the N.Y. Fashion Week.  The prints were lovely.  However, many items are priced well above my means.  I was pleased to find out that his collection with Payless is going to be expanded.  So, I can own one of his designs and keep my budget!

I can aspire to his Ready-to-Wear collection, but I can only afford his Payless line.  Fashion is something to enjoy, but not to go beyond your means to obtain.  With the current economy, spend wisely and well even on fashion.  Sometimes the less expensive item is the best option, and sometimes you pay more for pieces that you’ll wear again and again.  I invest in a couple of good coats for the winter that will last for years, but I will not pay a lot for a party dress that I may only wear once ( of course, it depends on the occasion!).

I watched his “Christian Siriano Has a Moment” show; he has had more than one moment.  He is becoming a fashion fixture, but only time will tell.   What do you think about the current winner of Project Runway?

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