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Whitney Port at Whitney Eve Fashion Show

Whitney Port

I was sad, but not really surprised that The City, the MTV show about Whitney Port and her fashion line, was canceled after only two seasons.  The ‘villain’ Olivia had redeemed herself; Roxy, her friend, had moved out; and there was no romance.  However, I really enjoyed watching Whitney maneuver the fashion industry as she launched her own fashion line, Whitney Eve.

She's Back on MTV!

Lauren Conrad

I did read that Lauren Conrad, formerly of Laguna Beach and The Hills on MTV, has started filming her new reality show on MTV.  It’ll focus on her new fashion line (she previously had one) as well as her successful clothing line for Kohl’s.  (I love the clothes, and that Lauren is the model!)  I love any behind-the-scenes show about fashion.  I never watched Laguna Beach, but I followed Lauren on The Hills as she attended FIDM, interned at Teen Vogue, and worked at People’s Revolution.  It helped to rekindle my desire to make fashion a career.

I wasn’t interested in any of the other drama, just what she was doing in fashion:  from photo shoots, backstage at fashion shows, and in Paris!  I couldn’t get enough.  I wanted to attend FIDM, but, alas, I lacked the funds.  So, you could say that I had been living my fashion dreams vicariously through her.  And I’m really glad that she is back on MTV!

What do you think about her return?

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