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Christian Louboutin shoes

Stilettos,  pumps, high heels, sandals, wedges, platforms, the list goes on…  I want to share some of my favorites.

Brian Atwood HELENA sandals

Jimmy Choo Marble Shoes

My budget is so tight now that I can only afford to download the images and dream!  Jimmy Choo shoes and Christian Louboutin with his ‘red soles’ are iconic (I liked Jennifer Lopez‘s Louboutins song, too).  Then there is Brian Atwood, who I discovered through The Rachel Zoe Project.  Also, I have to mention the late Alexander McQueen and his armadillo shoes, 10-inch stilettos!

Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes

High heels can complete the outfit, regardless of your size, and can add that POP that just takes your style up a notch to WOW!

The right pair of heels can make me feel glamorous on a ‘fat’ day or a ‘bad hair’ day. They can boost my spirit and my confidence.   High heels can add inches to make me feel like a supermodel.   If only I can learn to walk in sexy stilettos, I dream on…

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