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Fashion and TV Shows

Sex and the City

Many of us are familiar with the impact on fashion that Sex and the City (HBO) had.  Fans of the show watched for the clothes, especially Carrie Bradshaw’s ensemble which could be drop-dead gorgeous to just plain crazy. It was fun to watch.  Her love of fashion and, of course, Manolo Blahniks and her large walk-in closet was practically a religion and a place to worship. Patricia Field was the costume designer, and deserves credit with finding some amazing pieces, like the Versace haute couture gown in the Season Finale, Part 1.

Mad Men (AMC) has had an unexpected effect on fashion because it is set in the 1960’s.  The clothing of the female leads are all distinct for Peggy Olson, Betty Draper Francis, and Joan Harris.  Pencil skirts, structured purses, and pointy slingbacks, so sleek and chic.

The Glee (Fox) phenomenon has led to Macy’s ‘back-to-school’ clothing line of t-shirts and hoodies in 2010. Fashion plays a role in Gossip Girl (CW), especially during the Season 4 shows in Paris.  Blair wears a beautiful orange-red  gown of ruffles that I adore; I was unable to discover the designer!  If you know, please let  me know.

I enjoy the fashion in the television shows that I watch.  It adds a ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the whole show.  Maybe because in reality, I don’t dress up as much.  Business wear or formal wear for a fancy occasion or function, but everyday is quite casual.  I don’t get to ‘play dress-up’ as much I would like.  So many beautiful clothes, so small a budget, so few places to wear them.   Sigh!

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