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Prada Butterfly ($205.00)

I had posted earlier about sunglasses, one of my favorite accessories. I used a photo of my pairs of shades; all cost $1.00 each, proving you can be fashionable on a very tight budget! But these are pairs that I really enjoy the shape, design, and style.  I would wear these for the fashion statement that each makes.  For me, purchasing and wearing sunglasses fashionably requires the right shape for your face, the right color to go with your outfit or mood, the style that matches your personality.   After all, sunglasses are the focus of your face, so function isn’t the only concern.  They are such a fun accessory; like shoes, you can’t have too many!

Here are the classic Ray-Bans, the Nine West pair, and Guess shades.  I got these sunglasses photos from Macy’s website.

Guess ($68.00)

Nine West ($38.00)

Ray-Ban Aviators ($135.00)

I love the clear Prada frames, the quirky Alexander Wang sunnies, the chic Dior shades, and the logo on the Gucci pair. These sunglasses photos were from the Saks website.

Alexander Wang Pointed Cat Eye ($365.00)

Dior Shield ($295.00)

Gucci Square ($275.00)

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