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It seems as if fashion is being touted everywhere. First Lady Michelle Obama’s clothes are discussed as are the fashion designers she favors. Kate Middleton, the betrothed of Prince William, is being watched for her style, not just who she is marrying. Celebrities were mainly photographed on the red carpet for award shows and very special events. Now, every week, if not most days, there are photos of celebrities in the latest designer fashions at events on ‘red carpets’ everywhere.

It seems to be an insatiable hunger for the glamorous dream of a fashionable life that so few attain. Even the stars often only borrow the clothes and jewels and accessories to wear for an event. It’s an illusion of how models live and actresses dress and celebrities from reality shows are styled.

But for that moment, when we in our ordinary lives can rock that fashionable outfit, or wear that accessory or expensive purse, we feel part of that glamor. Life has a bit more of a zest and a promise of something more.

Never give up on that ‘something more’. Wear something that you love, that’s just a bit glamorous and makes you feel like a million dollars. Fashion is about how you feel about your life and having your own personal style. Live it, breathe it, and wear it (within your budget!). Have fun!

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