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One of the reasons I really enjoy having Facebook and Twitter accounts is for the fashion companies and fashion designers and fashion magazines.  I get to Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook.  (Of course, I do Like and Follow friends, relatives, co-workers, and not just for fashion:   musicians, sports, business, and more!)

But for fashion-lovers like me, I think both social media allow for a great interactive,


informative, and fun way to relate to fashion.  The brands and companies are international, but they all land on my Facebook (FB) page or Twitter page!  It’s a way of sharing links about contests, quizzes, voting for the ‘Look of the Day’, and upcoming events or articles.

I’ve been following  and/ or liking Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Glamour magazine (of course), InStyle magazine, Vogue Italia, and more!

What I really like about social media is that it doesn’t fill up my email accounts; I can check in daily and read my posts; for example, I can Comment or Like posts from Prabal Gurung and Marchesa on FB (if I get a response, even better).   I loved getting the tweets about the CFDA Awards, and that Jennifer Lopez arrived at the Gucci store on Rodeo Drive to launch their children’s collection.  I feel as if I am part of the action, even though I am not.

Are there any other social media with fashion that’s worth checking out?

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