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Juel Park Couture Lingerie

I love lingerie.  I’ve watched numerous movies and reality shows where the boyfriend/husband buys their girlfriend/wife lingerie, only to be told to buy jewelry or something else instead.  I think it is sexy for a guy to give his lady lingerie as a gift (as long as it is not anything sleazy or crazy).  I feel sexy in lingerie; I wear it for me.  It kicks up my confidence and is like my little secret because no one else needs to know that I have it on underneath.  Also it is fun for undressing for my guy, rather than the boring, bland bra and panty combination.

Options can range from the obvious, Victoria’s Secret (they have televised their fashion show) to the couture brand of Juel Park Couture Lingerie (I’ve discovered their Facebook Page).  Many fashion brands also offer undergarments, but the full line of lingerie is different.  I’ve checked out La Perla on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Frederick’s of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, and recently on reality shows, I’ve learned of Kiki de Montparnasse.

What I like about Juel Park Couture Lingerie is that they do make custom pieces for you, truly couture.  They also embody the Old Hollywood glamor whereas Victoria’s Secret has more of a sexy, sporty style.

From  garter belts to corsets, from pajamas to frilly nighties, from robes to bras and panties, there is something for every woman.  Whether your style is sporty, classic, sexy, or playful, you can find lingerie to suit you.  Department stores, discount stores, and ‘adult toy’ stores all offer lingerie options.  It can fit any budget, size, or personality.  There are no rules, so enjoy feeling feminine with some lingerie.  To me, lingerie is both a fashionable indulgence and a must-have.  What’s your opinion?

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