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Fashion Can Make You a Star!

There are rock stars, movie stars, even supermodels; now fashion takes celebrities, athletes, rock stars, and movie stars’ careers and fame to a whole new level.

What does an Olympic gold medalist ice skater do after the Olympics?  Evan Lysacek is starting a menswear line with Vera Wang.   Jessica Simpson‘s shoe and fashion line is sold at Macy’s; she’s well-known today for fashion and music.

Would Kim Kardashian have survived her sex tape scandal if not for being so fashionably attired?  Probably not.  Fashion was the sixth character on Sex and the City (NYC was the fifth), and catapulted Sarah Jessica Parker to fashion icon status.  What was The Hills without LC?  It went off the air after one season without her.  Why?  Lauren Conrad brought the fashion element to the show.  She worked at Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution.  Now she’s back with a new reality TV show for MTV focused on her fashion lines; her line with Kohl’s is a hit!

Academy Award winner Hilary Swank just announced that she will have a fashion line.  Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, have the Material Girl fashion line.  Iman, supermodel, and Serena Williams, tennis player, have fashion lines on HSNRachel Zoe, Hollywood Stylist, has her fashion line on QVC.

Fashion bloggers are becoming stars, too!  Sunglass Hut is holding a ‘blog off’ to find its fashion blogger to promote its line; the pay:  $100,000.00, and a rent-free apartment in NYC are just some of the perks.  One well-known fashion blogger is Anna dello Russo, Editor-At-Large for Vogue Japan; she’s well-known for her personal style and her blog.

Fashion is RED HOT now.  Show up on a red carpet in a fashion designer’s outfit that is a knockout and you are guaranteed to be photographed and to be in magazines, newspapers’ style sections, fashion blogs, entertainment shows with a fashion focus (even the news!), and all over the internet.  Fashion is the new ‘It’ girl!

So, you don’t have to sing, act, design fashion, or model to be a ‘star’; just dress fashionably, blog about fashion, get a reality TV show and dress fashionably, or invent a new way to be noticed by the fashion industry, media, or internet, and fashion may just make you into a star!  Do you agree?

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