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Fashion needs to be personalize and customized to fit your personal style and budget.  Budgets are deemed a necessary evil to be avoided when necessary and not fashionable.  That is not true.  Being fashionably responsible means sticking to your budget to get your needs and desires met.  Don’t go without what you need to show off a fashionable outfit (accessory) you can’t afford.

I don’t like to hear people say that they’ve purchased a dress that cost as much as their rent, and that they had to do without necessities to purchase it.  That’s not worth it to me.  I’ve purchased fashion beyond my budget before, but I would NOT do that ever again.  I would not recommend it either.  Find a way to put aside money for what you want, but luxuries are not necessities.  Shelter, food, etc. should not be sacrificed for your fashion desires.  You do not need to create debt to dress stylishly.   Debt is not fashionable.

Many of the red carpet looks that you see celebrities wear are loaned to them.  They did not purchase the outfit or jewelry or shoes or accessories.  I had often wondered why stars were wearing gowns or pants that were too long; why didn’t they get them tailored to fit?  Because they have to return the outfit in the original condition.  They don’t own them.  (Sometimes outfits are made for certain stars, especially from newer designers; I’m not referring to those.)  Some stars even get paid to wear designer outfits, jewelry, etc., by the designers or design houses.  And there we are trying to buy the clothes so we can be like them.  If you want to be like them, rent the clothes or buy discount versions.

Many of the runway designs are available at fashionable boutiques (sometimes the interpretation of the trend is even better than the expensive versions!) for a lot less.  Dress to express yourself, not to impoverish yourself.  Personal style is worth more than the expensive designer outfit you can only wear once or infrequently.  It’s how you dress and carry yourself on a daily basis.  Being fashionable everyday is my commitment for 2011.

Some stores I like are Bebe, Express, H & M; fashionable clothes that are affordable on most budgets, especially the sales!  You can try out Rent the Runway, Bag, Borrow, or Steal, Send the Trend, Shoe Dazzle, and other sites that allow you to either ‘borrow’ or purchase inexpensively the latest fashion trends.  So, enjoy fashion and keep your budget.  Being financially secure and fashionably dressed are the combination for the confident woman you are in 2011!  You can take care of yourself and look AMAZING!

In 2011, I want to commit to posting on my blog at least once a week.  I want to make it a fashionable new year.  I hope you do too.  Instead of resolutions, how about making lifestyle changes?

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