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Fashion and Film

Film and fashion:  these two were made for each other.  Costume designers have also had an influence on fashion designers. Some film studios actually hired fashion designers or had costume designers who went on to become fashion designers.   I recommend ‘Starz Insider:  Fashion in Film’ on Netflix with comments from actresses, costume designers, and more.

Films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Pretty Woman, Grease, and even Cinderella rely on costumes (fashion) to show the transformation that the main characters undergo.  Givenchy, fashion designer, designed the costumes and one of the most recognizable LBDs (little black dresses) ever for Breakfast at Tiffany’s worn by Audrey Hepburn’s character.  It made her a fashion icon instantly.  Armani, fashion designer, designed the costumes for American Gigolo for Richard Gere’s character.  His fashions have graced Oscar’s red carpet as well.


I recently enjoyed watching an Indian film called Fashion about models and becoming the “Showstopper”.  Lots of lovely fashion was showcased and the story held my interest, too.

When a film is popular, many people may be influenced by the style of their favorite characters in that film, such as Sex and the City: the movie.  By wearing film-inspired fashions, they may think that they can retain some of that confidence and swagger that they identify with that character.  Feeling like outsider, misfit, cool, sophisticated, or rebel, a person can experience their favorite film character through fashion and make it a part of her everyday life.

What are your favorite films that feature fashions?  Have you ever been influenced by a film to dress differently?

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