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Me and my laptop

I had been thinking about starting a fashion blog to describe what it was like to attend fashion school and the challenges I faced and figuring out my place in the industry.  Well, I didn’t attend the fashion school I wanted to (funds were low), so I didn’t start blogging.

Then I found out about the Sunglass Hut competition and applied.  I started my blog; I was eliminated in the first round.  Ouch!  I thought that I’d drop the blog, since I started it for the competition.  Then I got some comments and a request to use part of one of my posts.  I was shocked and thrilled.  Someone was reading my blog!

So, I decided to continue.  I post about fashion from my point of view, which may be somewhat quirky.  I’m thinking about trying for a less expensive fashion school, and still pursuing my fashion dreams.  It is a bit intimidating with so many fashion lines launched almost daily by up-and-coming fashion designers and celebrities-turned-fashion-designers.

How would I ever create anything that could compete?  Since I didn’t attend fashion school after high school, is it too late?  Do I need to become a celebrity first and then launch a fashion line?

But then I realized that none of those matter.  They are just excuses.  I have my own point of view, my own creativity, and something to offer.  So, I’ll just have to find out how it all works out by actually doing it.  In the end, that’s all that matters:  what I actually do and what I do with the outcome.

What are your fashion dreams?  Do you talk yourself out of pursuing your dreams or are you your own cheerleader?

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