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Skechers Shape Ups boots

I discovered Skechers Shape Ups at Nordstrom, when I was looking for a better pair of sneakers.  I tried them on, and even though they cost $100.00 (more than I had ever paid for sneakers!), I was sold on them.  I still wear them 1 1/2 years later.

Most flat shoes for women have thin soles.  I have experienced heel pain when I wear flat shoes.  I have always walked heel first;  I wear down the heels first and usually on one side of the shoes.  That made walking uncomfortable and my shoes looked horrible after about 6 months.  I tried insoles, arch supports, heel cushions, and more to no avail.  (I still wear high heels; it’s only in flat shoes that I experience heel pain.)

Since I take public transportation (yes, Los Angeles does have a Metro line:  buses and rail), I tend to walk more than someone who drives their car everywhere.  I have to walk to the bus stop or Metro Rail station and then to my destination.  I enjoy walking.  I am one of those ‘nobodies’ that walks  in L.A. (the myth that ‘nobody walks in L.A.’; depends on where you are in L.A., some streets have a lot of pedestrians).

Skechers Shape Ups X Wear

Then I put on my Skechers Shape Ups!  It was like walking on a cushion.  The heel area is cut on a diagonal, perfect for the way I walk.  I started to walk to places I’d take the bus or train to because it was fun to walk without the heel pain.  I also bought the Shape Ups flip-flops, boots, and ‘X wear’.  (If only they made rain boots!)  They have replaced most of my flat shoes.  When I wear high heels to work, I switch to my Shape Ups for the commute.

My legs look better as does my butt (buttocks).  Since I am not doing much other exercise, I give credit to the Shape Ups.  I wear a pair almost every day.  Now Kim Kardashian (Kim K.) is the new spokesperson for Shape Ups.  Well, I discovered them on my own.  But if her celebrity endorsement allows others to discover these shoes, then all the better.

They worked for me.  I think that it’s good to have some comfortable ‘flats’ amongst your shoe collection.  Get the best quality you can.  Your feet and your body deserve it.  Do you have a favorite brand of flat shoes?  Maybe after partying all night or standing all day, a pair that you couldn’t live without?

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