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A popular saying is that the “nice girls/guys finish last”. What it leaves out is that it’s not always important to finish first. It’s not how fast you get there… it’s how you get there.

There are those who rush unfashionably through life, unkempt and aggressively pushing their way to their destination without any consideration of others. So, they make it to the top first, a bit out of breath, and state that “It’s lonely at the top” and ask “Is this all there is?” In their disheveled haste, they used their stilettos to step on others along the way, were rude and behaved like divas, and alienated people. So, when they arrived, who would be there to greet them?

The nice ones do finish “last”.  The nice ones take their time and enjoy the journey. They make friends, network and make real connections and relationships along the way. They focus on who they are becoming and not just the label they are wearing. They reach success and think how great it is to finally arrive. They are NOT lonely at the top. Their friends and relationships traveled with them. They have their ‘souls’ as well as their hard-won success. And they look fashionably stylish as they appreciate how far they have traveled.

How you get there matters; who you become along the way matters because when you arrive, you’ll have to deal with what you did to get there. Be fashionable, be assertive, be nice (not wimpy!), and get where you are going in style.

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