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A Day Without My Purse

I have always enjoyed having purses and handbags.  Regardless of my weight, bad hair day, clothes, etc., I wouldn’t leave my place without my purse.  I’ve had large ones that were practically totes or duffel bags, and I’ve had small ones that could only fit my lipstick, credit card, some cash, and my cell phone (not even my keys!).

Yesterday, however, I thought, “Why not travel like guys do, money in their pockets, free of my purse?”  So, I did.  I put my money and card in my front jeans pocket, TAP card (Metro) in the other pocket, cell phone and keys in my jacket pocket.  I ran some errands, so I did end  up with a grocery bag, but I felt so light and free.  No purse full of stuff, not having to put it somewhere when I sit down or shove it back up on my shoulder or have it hit against my side as I walk.  Freedom.

So, I did it again today.  Again it was nice to not carry the extra baggage.  However, when I go to work tomorrow, I’ll probably take my purse.  I do like purses still, but a break every once in a while is fun, too.  I wonder what else I normally do that I could try to live without for one day.  It’s good to challenge yourself in small ways to do things differently, maybe see yourself and the world a bit differently.

I’m not a slave to fashion anymore.  I can take it or leave.  So, now I can enjoy fashion without feeling obligated to wear something or follow any trend.  That is what makes fashion fun to me.   If you wear a purse daily, especially a designer brand, have you ever not use your purse for even one day?

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