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Michael Kors Spring 2012

Michael Kors Spring 2012

Seriously, Michael Kors, did you think that I would not comment on the ‘dirty sheet’ that you placed on these models?

Michael Kors, as a judge on Project Runway, would have many critical comments about these garments if any of the contestants were to have put it on the runway. I thought I would do the same for his Spring 2012 collection that includes this dirty sheet look, which is both unnecessary and unattractive. Tsk, tsk. Does the word editing mean anything to you? Just saying…

Comments on: "This Would Be Out on Project Runway – Michael Kors Spring 2012" (5)

  1. Although I see your point, I respectfully disagree with you when it comes to the first look, because I actually like it. I have more problems understanding the second look, but thats ok, theres much I dont understand in the fashion world… For example: I dont understand at all how the most celebrated and popular fashion designer in the world can be someone like Karl Lagerfeld. I hate Karl`s work, its boring and much of it is just plain ugly (remember those fluffy bear costumes from aw 2010?)… Do you agree with me on that one? 😉

    • Lisa Salvary said:

      Thanks for your comment. My point was that if you’ve ever watched Project Runway, Michael Kors is quick to comment negatively on any part of a design that is unattractive an unnecessary, such as the addition of the sheet on the first model’s garment and especially the sheet around the male model’s waist. I don’t agree that Karl Lagerfeld’s work is boring and ugly. I have seen unattractive and very attractive clothes designed by him. He is not my favorite, but I know of other designers that I truly dislike their designs. I am glad that you have a definite opinion on what you like in fashion, and you don’t blindly follow. With fashion if you want to know more about it to judge it better, check out previous collections in books or online for designers, even older ones like Dior and Chanel when Dior and Chanel themselves were designing their lines (when they were alive, of course). You understand fashion better than you think. 🙂

  2. A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

  3. A special Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

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