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Anya Ayoung-Chee

Anya Ayoung-Chee, from Trinidad & Tobago, is the Project Runway Season 9 winner. She is my favorite PR winner along with Season 4 winner, Christian Siriano. I loved her final collection; I live in Los Angeles, CA so I could wear her line today. If you haven’t seen the finale or would like to view her runway collection, click here.

I really enjoyed season 9 with Joshua, Viktor, Laura, Anthony Ryan et al. I was worried that when the show was moved to the Lifetime channel that it would not be as good. I worried needlessly. Heidi Klum, Micheal Kors, Nina Garcia, and Tim Gunn are as entertaining as ever. Heidi Klum was the main reason the other judges allowed Anya to compete. Anya admitted early on that she had only learned to sew four months prior to auditioning for Project Runway. She has designed a line in Trinidad for two years, so she is not a newbie to fashion design. But Heidi’s vote got her in.

There were other very good designers: Joshua, and Viktor to name just a couple of them. As there often are, there are viewers who would have rather have had someone else win. But all of the final four showed at Lincoln Center New York Fashion Week in Sept. 2011. So all got a huge audience to show their designs to. I do hope Anya follows in Christian Siriano’s footsteps and makes the most of this opportunity.

It’s not too late to go after your dreams. No matter where you are from or how much the odds seem stacked against you, go for it. I am inspired by her win to move forward with my fashion dreams. Just get started and let the momentum carry you. Was she your pick to win? Did you want a different designer to win? If so, who?

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