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Fashionably Fit

Victoria's Secret

While it is fashionable to wear the latest styles and on the runways the models can be skinny, in everyday life, in my opinion, it is fashionable to be fit. Clothes fit better when you are in shape. I’ve never held the adage: “never too rich or too thin”. I disagree wholeheartedly with the “too thin” part of that. “Too thin” is anorexic, and that is dangerous to one’s health and NOT fashionable at all.

It is best to choose exercise that you enjoy, that suits your personality, lifestyle and budget. It can be anything from walking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, martial arts training and so forth. Also, looking fabulous while you workout is a plus. Some of my fave looks come from,, and However, many discount stores to expensive fashion design brands offer workout wear.

Fashion is part of your lifestyle and should be fun. If looking fashionable is uncomfortable to the degree that you can’t stretch in the directions you need, your fabric restricts your breathing or doesn’t allow you to sweat, or is too expensive to clean, that is unfashionable to me. Clothes are meant to fit your lifestyle and life, not the other way around. Function and style should work together, so you look terrific while you get in shape. Love your body, get fit, and look great doing it… that’s my motto. What’s yours?

Bebe Sport


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