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Fashion is Everyday



Happy 2012! Sometimes it seems that fashion is for the runway, for models, singers, actresses, rich people, red carpet events or even special occasions/holidays/parties in your own life. I think that fashion is an everyday, a daily component. It’s your style. It’s your lifestyle. How you go about your day. Do bright colors make you cringe or make you feel upbeat? Do prints and polka dots make you feel nauseated or add that pop to your outfit? The accessories, the shoes can all reveal a bit of who you are or they can conceal your personality by their uniformity.

Fashion is so affordable now, and anything goes to such an extent that you can really make your mark with it. Use it to hide your ‘flaws’ and accentuate your curves. Own it. Embrace it. Don’t be intimidated or be a fashion follower, especially when it looks hideous on you. Dressing for your job, business, fun, dates, events, special occasions, holidays, exercise, whatever can be an opportunity to make a statement, self-expression. You are the model, and your life is your runway! Time to strut your stuff.

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