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Folded bags

Unfolded bags

Whole Foods bags

Other brand bags

Why bring a reusable bag to shop? I enjoy being fashionable and being environmentally friendly, too. It’s an opportunity to show my style. Some stores will even offer cash incentives to bring your own bag (okay, it’s only 5 or 10 cents each). At other stores, their employees have looked at me oddly for bringing my own bags. That attitude is so last millennium!

These photos are some of the bags that I bring with me on a daily basis. The folded bags add color to my purses and are handy for those spontaneous shopping trips. I have branded bags from stores, too. I love that the bags go over my shoulder and make groceries, etc. easier to carry because I take public transportation. Most of the bags in the photos cost from free to $1.99 each, only one cost $6.99 because a charitable donation was made from the proceeds.

So how about bringing reusable bags when you shop (if you don’t already bring them)?

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