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I chose the song Roar by Katy Perry because it closely shares how awesome I feel being single is most of the time. I was spending time at my family reunion. I was sharing a room, and there was no privacy during the whole time I was there. Also, most of my cousins present at the reunion that were around my age were married or engaged. So, it was a bit awkward and uncomfortable at times. While it was fun to hang out with relatives and I enjoyed myself, it was AWESOME to come home to my place and have it all to myself because I am single. I really appreciated that night not having to cater to anyone else’s needs, not sharing a bathroom, eating exactly what I wanted for dinner and going to bed when I wanted. While I do that often, it took on more significance my first day back when I was unable to do those things during the reunion. I think that I took it a bit for granted before I had traveled, but I felt true gratitude for being single the day I returned.

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