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Day 4 of The Single Woman (Mandy Hale) 30-day challenge. My biggest fear as a single person used to be a proud boast of mine. I used to brag that I had never been in love, so no broken heart for me. No sad love songs, no ‘our’ songs to avoid, and no photos to destroy/delete/edit. I thought that I had outsmarted love and the odds.

However, it is now my biggest fear/disappointment. I have never been in love. Not once. I’ve had crushes and some level of emotional attachment with some guys, but not love. I’ve begun to see it as a deficit and undesirable. I DO want to fall in love with a wonderful, loving, generous, hot, fun, nice guy. I want to know what it’s like to risk my heart, be vulnerable, care that deeply for someone, and know what romantic love is. To discover first-hand why there are SO many love songs, romance novels, romance comedies, love poems, etc. To experience it fully, knowing that my heart is very likely to be broken. I feel that without loving another romantically, whether it works out long-term or not, I’ll have missed out on something that I now consider very important.

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