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Day 5 of The Single Woman 30-Day Challenge. I think that the biggest misconception that people have about single life … for women, especially if she is past a certain age, is that she is too PICKY. She must have long lists of the perfect partner. She must reject men on the first date. She thinks she’s too good for any guy. She has supposedly doomed herself to the single life with no chance of ‘escape’. She is to be pitied and perhaps is seen as a cautionary tale. She is judged by what she is not… not married. The names for her, furthering the misconception, are spinster and old maid. Thank goodness the ABC show is called The Bachelorette.  I’m a bachelorette/ single woman not willing to settle, that’s not being too picky.  It’s an important choice. To paraphrase a lyric from Andy Grammer‘s I Choose You… “it’s the biggest decision I WANT to get right”.

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