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Day 6 of The Single Woman 30-Day Challenge. I would overall agree with that, keeping in mind that it is a broad generalization and is not true for every woman. The love life and life a woman has is largely of her making or accepting what is given to her. If she wants something different, it is up to her to “Make It Happen”. That’s what separates the women from the girls. The survivors from the victims. The assertive from the passive. Her love life is her responsibility. It is not someone else’s fault if it is not what she wants. So, she needs to own it, whatever it is at present. If she doesn’t like it, she can change it. If she loves it, then she can keep it.

My love life, or lack of a satisfying one, is what I want now. I have always placed it secondary and not as important as other things that require my attention. I can bemoan the quality of the men I meet or the lack of good men, but it would be a cop-out. I am not trying to meet men, nor do I put myself out there where the types of men I’d like to meet are. So, in my case specifically, I have the exact love life that I want. And I have the power to change it by wanting it to be different and putting in the time and energy to make it so. I see the statement as empowering.


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