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Day 8 of The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge. The five things that are most important to you in a future mate:

1. Generous – generosity of spirit, sharing, giving physically and emotionally, attentive, responsive

2. Loving – his attitude to life, to the people in his life as well as me, his perspective is loving

3. Fun – has a good sense of humor about himself, his life, isn’t afraid of looking foolish, cracks me up

4. Financially stable – doing work he enjoys  or transitioning to doing work he enjoys, no financial drama, able to support himself

5. Physically attractive to me – I find him attractive physically, sexually compatible, mutual attraction

These five are most important to me because they are the foundation of my relationship with him, whoever he will be. I haven’t met him yet, but I expect to. I am working on myself now. I am getting clear on who I am and who I want and allow in my life. I think that I am making room for him mentally, emotionally, and even physically as I enjoy my single life.

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