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Day 9 of The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge. Do I dare admit and reveal that I’m a bit loca (crazy)? Not surprising to those who know me. However, my fave weird/funny single behavior is dancing and singing off-key very loudly when no one is around. I may suddenly start clapping and get very excited. I dance when I am alone because I will run, jump, play, not just dance. The people I know tend to tell me to not get so excited or be so playful and energetic. Sometimes it feels like the only time I DO get to be myself is when I’m alone. So, I enjoy my weird/funny single behavior while I can. The guy who would not only accept it, but also join in would probably be a keeper! I hope he exists.


Comments on: "My Favorite Weird-Funny Single Behavior #TheSW30 Day 9" (2)

  1. I’m the same way ! Let’s hope for both our sake that he does!

    • Lisa Salvary said:

      Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for commenting. I’m sure he does. Keep looking and don’t give up. I won’t.

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