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Day 11 of The Single Woman 30 Day Challenge. My most worst date … this is a combo of three dates with the same guy, after which I had to break it off. The first date, about 10 minutes after being seated for dinner at a nice restaurant, started with him telling me that he wanted to get married. He then went on to tell me that he wanted to have children. He had names picked out for them, too. Hmmm… I liked him enough to steer the conversation to another subject.

The second date was more casual after the dinner incident. This time we were running errands together and then were to grab a bite to eat. He followed me around the stores, right on my heels. After the first store, when I asked him to stop, I thought he got that I didn’t want to be followed around the store. Nope. The second store was the same. I actually ran ahead and tried to hide. He found me. That was the end of that date.

I stupidly/ stubbornly still kind of liked him and wanted to see if it was still salvageable and agreed to meet for a possible third date. Well, he wanted to surprise me with the destination of this date. We headed out to a… real estate office. He wanted to check out houses together. Really?! Seriously?!  It felt like he had an obsession with getting married and not a real interest in me. Well, that was the end of that. Finally free!

I hope that he found the right one for him and has children. Hopefully he has his happily ever after. I am living mine!

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