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I heart romance novels I support indie authorsThis was a post that I wrote for a guest post at the request of FabulosityReads, a great blog by Wendy Ewurum, that offers great reviews, interviews, virtual book tour blogs, giveaways, promotions, and more. I had gotten to know Wendy through the recommendation of an author, AJ Harmon of the First Class Novels series. I want to share this post with you on my blog as I think it is a great post and is a segue way to more posts about books and authors.

I’ve been discovering so many indie authors because of indie ebook publishing and thanks to for so many freebies and deals. So, I have 2,000+ ebooks on my Kindle Fire on a variety of subjects. I have cookbooks, self-help books, investment books, and so on. However, the largest genre I own is romance, which is surprising because I didn’t get into it until I got the ebook freebies. I thought, “What the heck? I’ll try them; they’re free.” There were so many romance novels and series in the Top 100 Free list of ebooks on Amazon that I ended up ‘buying’ some. And then I got hooked with a few of them.

I’ve read romantic thrillers, mysteries, spy stories, erotica, bdsm as well as chick lit. I even found myself trying out genres like paranormal and historical romances. I could tell not too far into a book whether I liked the main characters and the story line to continue reading it. It’s quite popular to have a young adult and ‘new adult’ (20-25 y/o) characters, but I also enjoy ones with mature adults (25+ y/o).

I’ve been observing how the indie authors publish their romance books. They release mainly ebooks and paperbacks. Personally, I prefer ebooks  as they can be revised by the authors and the updates downloaded easily; I can highlight, bookmark, make notes and undo all of those; and, most of all, I can take my library with me when I am out-and-about.

Of course, with a paperback, a company can’t suddenly remove one of your books. That apparently happened to some erotica indie authors about a month ago when Amazon, Kobo, and WHSmith decided to censor some titles. What an unpleasant surprise for those who were affected.

In ebooks, there are more options for the romance stories: novels, novellas, anthologies, box sets, trilogies, and series. Some trilogies have breakout, side novellas revealing the male or a side character’s POV. This is great when you are so into a series, you don’t want it to end. One example is Lisa Renee JonesInside Out series with the trilogy: If I Were You, Being Me, Revealing Us. Then there are Rebecca’s Lost Journals novellas and Master Undone novella (his POV) included in the reading order.

Red Phoenix published her Brie books initially in a series of novellas and then published the compilation of the novellas as full-length novels: Brie Learns the Art of Submission and the sequel, Brie Embraces the Heart of Submission, After Graduation. By revealing the novel in novellas, it allowed me to get caught up in the novel as she was writing it. Pretty cool!

I especially like the ebook box sets because as many as 10 novels from different authors may be included. It’s fun to have such a variety at an affordable price and to discover new authors.

I truly doubt that if not for the romance freebies that introduced me to so many authors that I would have gotten hooked on the genre. It’s also great not to have the naughty covers showing! However you choose to read it, book or ebook, I hope you are enjoying some romance stories by indie authors.

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