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New Year, Same Old You

2014The year has changed, will you? Resolutions are made: some are kept and others discarded. If you do the same things you’ve already done last year, you’ll get the same results or perhaps less. If those results work for you, great. If not, it’s time to do something different.

  1. Take inventory of what worked and what didn’t.
  2. Figure out what needs to be changed the most or first.
  3. What change can you not put off any longer or not live without?
  4. How much time and effort are you willing to put aside to make those changes?
  5. What support do or can you have to keep going? What kinds of support do you need?
  6. Do you know clearly what results you want? How will you know when you achieve them?
  7. How do you plan on tracking and celebrating your progress?
  8. What are your milestones?
  9. Take the time to define what your successful outcome would be. Modify it if necessary as you get closer to your goal.
  10. Have you achieved your outcome? Was it better or less than you expected? What could you do better or differently now?
  11. Enjoy! Appreciate. Focus on what you  accomplished.
  12. Go back to 1. and start again.

If you can answer these questions, just jotting down whatever comes to mind or typing well-thought-out responses (or anything in-between), you’ll have an outline to help you plot your course to your goals. Whether you follow through and achieve them is up to you.

As you complete your answers to the questions, do you feel excited or stressed? Identify your feelings and modify either your goals or your attitude until they allow you to feel inspired, eager, or other encouraging emotion.

Do your goals motivate and inspire you? Or do they fill you with anxiety and feelings of overwhelm?

How you view achieving your goal(s) can be helpful and encouraging or cause you to procrastinate or abandon your goals altogether.

So, 2014 is a new year, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a ‘new you’. Change isn’t automatic. It’s a choice. It’s not about a resolution that you break or keep. It’s about who you want to become and what you need to do to become that person.

New year, same old you, or new year, new you?

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