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Interview Questions & Answers: Jillian Kleine de Lowe (Author)

Why do you write?

I write because it’s my dharma. It’s my true path. I have to be true to my true inner nature and my inner nature is a writer… Among other things.

Did writing this book teach you anything and what was it?

I did learn many things. I was not looking forward to formatting in Scrivener, but it turned out to be so easy. I’ve learned a lot about other people. Like, writing and publishing this book really did teach me who my real friends were, because they were supportive and happy for me when my book was published.

What writing are you most proud of? 

I’m most proud of my first novel, Wicked. Although, I absolutely love everything I have ever written and hold it all dearly in my heart.

Wicked Front Cover

Why did you choose to write this particular book?

I feel like this story chose me. I’m a vessel to tell this story, almost like automatic writing. I was shown a glimpse of what was, what is and what could be.

Have you included a lot of your life experiences, even friends, in the plot?

I haven’t really included people I know so much, although certain elements of Luc and Michael are based on my husband. I went through a period in my life from 2008 – 2012 where a lot of my friends passed away and for the first time in my life, I knew what it felt like to be sad. Before that, I had never really experienced loss or sadness. I handled it all very well. I also endured a few major betrayals during that time and they influenced certain elements of Wicked.

How much of the book is realistic?

Even though Wicked is a fantasy, some elements are very realistic. The CIA really did have a Project Stargate that researched military application of psychic abilities. The Otherkin community is very real and vast. The locations in my book are described as how they actually are. All of the locations visited on the Earthly plane really do exist.

Tell us a bit about your family.

My family is very close. My parents are still married, but separated. They own a very successful business that’s global. My mother’s boyfriend is like my step-father since they’ve been together for 20 years. My step-father is a captain with a commercial airline. My father and my step-father get on like a house on fire. They’re as thick as thieves those two. I have a younger brother. He’s a total genius.

What makes you happiest?

That’s a tough once, since pretty much anything and everything makes me happy. I’m like a kid in that I’m very excitable and the simplest things bring me such immense joy. When it comes down to it, the thing that makes me happiest is laughing with others.

What books did you love growing up?

As a child my favorite books were Lord of the Files and The Neverending Story.

Is there any books you really don’t enjoy?

Yes, there are. It’s not that there’s a certain genre that I don’t like… But there are themes that I don’t enjoy. I won’t read anything that involves abuse, antifeminism, bondage, fetishes, prejudices, rape, sadomasochism, tasteless sex, etc. I can’t stand anything raunchy. I like light reads.

Who is your favorite author?

I don’t have a favorite author, but I do have favorite comedians and favorite comedic writers… They’re all Brits… Ben Elton, Monty Python, Rowan Atkinson, etc.

When you wish to end your career, stop writing, and look back on your life, what thoughts would you like to have?

I hope I never stop, but when I look back on my life I want to know that I was true to myself and that everything I did, I did with integrity.

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