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Ditching the Dream by Isabelle Peterson is Elizabeth’s journey to find her independent self after 20+ years of marriage. She went from her parents’ home to living in a dorm to getting married. She never had to make it on her own. Greg, her husband has taken her for granted, though he’s not a bad husband. She wants to spread her wings and discover what else life has in store for her. She wants to ignite her inner fire and find her identity outside of being a wife and mother. Her three kids are old enough to not need her. So one day she wrote a letter and left her husband and her old life.

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Her adventure took her to New York City where she met a hot, younger Spanish teacher named Kevin Parker, who ended up being her neighbor. She also recognized ‘Jackass Jack’ from her teen years when he dated her sister. Now, he’s a hot, older, dominant, successful businessman/ former model. I loved that Kevin and Jack were opposites romantically and sexually. Jack was dominant and introduced Elizabeth to bdsm. Kevin took her dancing and allowed her to take the lead at times.  The sex scenes sizzled… Greg even ‘gave her permission’ to sow her wild oats! But will she ‘ditch the dream’ for her NYC life or reclaim her dream and return to the safety of her old life?

Ditching the Dream - Jack, Kevin, Greg

The POV of Greg, Jack, and Kevin are included at the end of some of the chapters, which is different than other books I’ve read. It’s nice to have the other viewpoints, though the author doesn’t indicate in an obvious way that it is another POV. I liked that each guy had a different nickname for Elizabeth. Greg called her ‘Bets’ (annoying to me); Kevin called her ‘Lizzie’ (better); and Jack called her Beth (okay). Greg’s initial whining texts and voice mails did not endear me to him. I’d have left him! Her willingness to explore her sexuality was terrific. Her decision at the end threw me in a tailspin. I wasn’t sure how I felt until I found out that this is book 1 in the Dream series! I love that there is more to Elizabeth’s story…  Next up Not In My Wildest Dreams (Jack’s story).

My rating:  5 Stars

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“I didn’t want to just hook up with her, I wanted to get to know her. Why didn’t I just ask her then? Where was my confidence? I’ve never hesitated when I wanted to ask a woman out. She’s bewitched you, dumb-ass, that’s why, I chided myself. She certainly had. It wasn’t her looks that had grabbed me either. I saw amazing looking women all day. Nearly naked ones, too. Women who were young and eager to please. Women who’d jump at an opportunity to go out with me. But she was different. She had an innocence, a sense of adventure, and a confidence, without being brash or snobbish. She was a breath of fresh air…” Jack

Ditching The Dream (Dream Series) (p. 74). Isabelle Peterson. Kindle Edition.

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