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March Frenzy Book Hop

Eight colorful covers from eight books by eight authors.  How do authors pick the covers for their books? Their preference, marketability, what’s trending? I was asked to comment on a couple of covers…

She Belongs to Memerry go round


Two of the covers caught my eye because they both have a female on the cover with at least one of her arms raised and by her head. She Belongs to Me by Carmen DeSousa and The Merry-Go-Round by Donna Fasano. I like that both have a woman on the cover that looks like she is about do something, instead of looking sexy or half -dressed.

She Belongs to Me cover is in a blue/violet tone, which gives it an interesting feel.  I’m curious why the author chose the cover and whether it has anything to do with the story. Why is her hand raised? In defense or surrender?

The Merry-Go-Round cover seems to show a woman in a business-like setting, where she seems to be enjoying it, whether she’s the boss or not , I can’t tell. The title makes me feel as if her life or business is something she needs to discard or get off of. It doesn’t seem to be the average chick lit romcom, but appearances can be deceiving.

I checked my Kindle and realized that I own both of these ebooks, which I have not yet read. Now I will.

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 enovel authors at work

Comments on: "March Book Frenzy Hop presented by FabulosityReads" (4)

  1. I like the cover of “She Belongs to Me”, too, although, for my own March Book Frenzy post, I picked the cover of the paperback edition. That’s because I don’t like to read ebooks. But actually, both covers are very nice! I love the blue-violet tones, which initially attracted my attention.

    I also like what you say here about these two covers — the fact that these women look as if they’re about to do something, instead of being portrayed as sexy and half-dressed. I do think that the woman on the cover of “The Merry-Go-Round” is an executive, and enjoying every minute of it!

    Thanks for participating in this wonderful hop! I’m having lots of fun participating in it, as well!! Happy reading!1 : )

  2. Thank you for being a part of our March Book Frenzy. Book Bloggers are wonderful people and this tour has been a great way to meet several of you and I’ve enjoyed discovering your sites! Cheers!

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