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Teach Me a Lesson

Jasmine Haynes’ books have sold me on sexy spankings!

This had me at the cover, which seems sexy, fun, and playful to me, as well as the subtitle: ‘Punishment is its own reward’. Charlotte is a part-time guidance counselor at the high school and a therapist, and Lance is the principal at the same school. I liked that better than the illicit student/principal romance. Charlotte’s independence and caring personality were a draw for me. She is so willing to explore sexually and be naughty with Lance. I like that she was ‘topping’ from the bottom at times and Lance enjoyed it. They are a mature couple, also a plus (not that I mind NA romances).

The sexy spankings, naughty words, and the sheer pleasure that both Lance and Charlotte had with each other made this a hot, fun read. The secondary storyline with Melody, the troubled teen and Ethan, her former friend, added a touching storyline. There are school politics, unreasonable parents, and a chance that Charlotte could be fired that add to the drama. I liked that her friend, Lola, was part of the story from book 1 in the series. I haven’t read that book … yet, but I was able to read this book as a standalone. I am now curious to read The Naughty Corner (book 1) now.

This is a light bdsm erotic romance. I liked that while Lance was dominant at times, he was very willing to let Charlotte call the shots at times. He was dominant, but not a Dom, but enjoyed sensual fantasies and a bit of kink mixed in. Charlotte was the stronger character in my opinion.

I give it 4**** out of 5. I enjoyed it, but didn’t get as involved with the characters as I did with some of her other books, such as The Principal’s Office.

Jasmine Haynes is a favorite erotic/romance author of mine. She sent me a signed paperback of this book as a gift. However, even though I grew up reading books, I find it hard to now. I prefer to read e-books. So, I bought the e-book to read, saving my wonderful signed copy! So this is my honest review, not influenced by anything or anyone, but myself.





Jasmine HaynesJasmine Haynes is the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 35 classy, sensual romance tales. In 2013, she started a sexy new series for Berkley Heat, beginning with The Naughty Corner in Oct 2013 and Teach Me a Lesson in Apr 2014. Look for more in the sensual West Coast series; Book 5, Pleasing Mr. Sutton, coming in 2014. She’s also the author of the award-winning Max Starr psychic mystery series. And don’t miss her writing as Jennifer Skully, KOD Daphne du Maurier award-winning author of contemporary romance, bringing you poignant tales peopled with hilarious characters that will make you laugh and make you cry. Look for Can’t Forget You, a new Cottonmouth adventure coming soon! And don’t miss many of your favorite Jasmine Haynes and Jennifer Skully books in audiobook.


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