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Book Blurb:
Elle Dupree has her life all figured out: first a wedding, then her Ph.D., then swank faculty parties where she’ll serve wine and cheese and introduce people to her husband the lawyer.

But those plans disintegrate when she walks in on a vampire sucking the blood from her fiancé Greg. Horrified, she screams and runs–not away from the vampire, but toward it, brandishing a wooden letter opener.

As she slams the improvised stake into the vampire’s heart, a team of black-clad men bursts into the apartment. Turning around to face them, Elle discovers that Greg’s body is gone—and her perfect life falls apart.

Legally Undead Margo Bond Collins


Now that I have read Legally Undead, I have found another very good book by this author. This has a fresh twist on vampire hunters/killers. Elle is a fun, feisty, kick-ass female who, after losing her fiancé to a vampire, kills one and discovers a terrible secret about her fiancé. That secret leads to an adventure of vampire killing training, meeting Nick and his team, learning the ‘truth’ about vampires, and discovering that she is more than capable of rescuing her friend, Malcolm. In doing so, she bravely faces Deirdre, head vampire.

I laughed, cringed, got caught up in the story. I am not a fan of vampire stories, but I was open because I had read Waking Up Dead by Margo Bond Collins and had enjoyed her fresh twist on a murdered ghost detective. This offered a good twist on a vampire hunter and how to hunt them. Elle rocked. I enjoyed reading about her humorous POV.

I will warn that because of the killing there is violence described in this book. It is not graphic, but descriptions of the fights and killings are included and increase as the story gets nearer to the end.

There is one vampire that she didn’t kill that I was totally pissed off with her for not doing so. How could she let him get away … again?! The story is skillfully told, and just when I think I know what will happen, the author throws in an unhappy surprise followed by a very good one.This does seem to be the start of a good, suspenseful series. I’m curious where it will go from here.


“Have I mentioned how much it sucks (no pun intended) to be hunted by a vampire? Ruins your whole day.

And your whole life, if you’re not careful.

I’d already lost one boyfriend to the vampires, I wasn’t going to lose another, even if he wasn’t actually my boyfriend.

So only one question remained: how do you break up with an un-boyfriend?”

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars Aviary Photo_130483242079135333



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  1. Oh sounds fun! And like one I seriously need to give a read. I love heroines like that and am good with some vampy ness 🙂

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