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I am going to marry a monster.He is my everything.

He manipulates people for fun. He takes over their lives, consuming
them. He dominates and crushes, ruling them, claiming their souls. No
one can survive the games of Damon Hunt.

Before now. Before me.

I am Ella Knight. I am corrupted. My sister was a victim of Damon’s games. It’s my turn to play now.

Damon Hunt has been my sole focus, my everything for three years,
since my sister’s death. I’ll manipulate him. I’ll take over his life,
consuming and crushing him. I am going to take away his soul. Damon Hunt
will not survive my games. I will win.

I hope.

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 Sweeter Excerpt 
 (Note: this is erotica)
“Morning,” he whispers into my neck as he nuzzles. I gasp at the soft stroke of  his tongue on my neck. “I can smell you. I’ll have your scent stuck in
my head all day. I need a taste.” He sucks my earlobe into his mouth as he nibbles me. “Just one taste. I have to have one taste.” The huskiness
of his desire filled voice makes my knees weak. I melt into his body, letting the feelings he’s evoking within me take over.
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Authors’ Bio’s
Alicia Taylor is 28, lives in Derbyshire in the UK with her husband and two
Corrupted is her debut novel which she co-wrote with Natalie Townson. This is book one in
the Manipulation Trilogy.
Her  love of reading led to blogging which led to this – dipping her toes in the
indie author pool.

Connect with Alicia

Natalie Townson is 31, a mother of one beautiful little boy and lives in Gloucester in
the UK with her husband.
Corrupted is her debut novel that is a book one of the manipulation trilogy, that she co-wrote
with Alicia Taylor. She is currently working on book two of the series, which is nearly complete.


Connect with Natalie


Comments on: "New Release: Corrupted by Alicia Taylor and Natalie Townson" (2)

  1. Ahhh what bling! I’ve been liking red covers lately. Such pop!

  2. Lisa Salvary said:

    Thanks, Anna, for your comment. These two authors are the bloggers from Island Lovelies Book Club. It was nice to help out bloggers-turned-authors. 🙂

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