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Despite the influx of so many billionaire, rock star, CEO, SEALs or other successful heroes in romance novels I’ve read, I have some homeless book boyfriends. These are sexy, talented, misfit, lovable book boyfriends who need the right women to bring them back to themselves, society, and to love.

My favorites are Jane’s Melody by Ryan Winfield and Juicy by Pepper Pace. I found that the heroes have big hearts and do want to make something of themselves. Also the romances were hot and sexy.

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Aviary Photo_130496805839012717It starts with Jane at her daughter Melody’s funeral, where she notices a guy who puts a coin at Melody’s grave. He’s Caleb, a homeless musician, and possibly Jane’s last link to her daughter. She hires Caleb to help clear out her backyard, and a friendship  that leads to love forms even though she is 40 and he is only 25. Caleb makes her smile and feel alive, but he’s supposed to be on his way to Austin, TX for his music.

This is a story of dealing with loss, addiction specifically alcoholism, friendship, and falling in love. I cried at times because Jane was dealing not only with the death of daughter due to an overdose, but also an alcoholic brother and an unexpected bad news. She was strong enough to face her mother and stand by her decisions. Then there’s what happened with Caleb… I have read this book and then listened to the audiobook. I have cried and been filled with hope. I’m thrilled that Ryan Winfield has written Jane’s Harmony, an unexpected sequel to this standalone book.

5 out of 5 stars: Aviary Photo_130440009182937277



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Juicy is the name of the female character. She is an angry, insecure, and overweight African American. He is a homeless, possibly mentally ill, white American. As she cuts through an alleyway in broad daylight, she is accosted by a gang who intend to rape her. He comes to her defense and helps scare them off. However, she was taught to hate white people. How can she be grateful to a white man and a homeless one at that?

Lonely Juicy runs a hair salon from her living room, so when she is attacked there is no one to take her to the hospital or to call once she is there. Her only visitor is the homeless, white guy she calls ‘Mr. Cracker’. From getting past prejudices to falling in love to being abandoned by Troy when she needs him most, this story runs the gamut of emotions. It’s about love, loss, mental illness, homelessness, family, and acceptance. It’s also about who two people can become together.

5 out of 5 stars! Aviary Photo_130440009182937277




The homeless guy watches her as she smiles at everyone on the train platform. Would you be freaked out? She is intrigued. And so starts the romance between Blake and Livia. I was fascinated by Blake’s belief that he was allergic to the sun. Crazy or just traumatized by a past event? Then there are his foster brothers, Cole and Beckett. Cole is practicing to become a priest and Beckett is the thug. As the story unfolds, the brotherhood between the three is endearing and a bit messed up. Then Livia’s sister meets Cole… Beckett meets his number one enemy… When assassins are sent after them, a dear one falls.

I cried, felt compassion for the three as well as being angry at them and for them. There was enough action and suspense when the chase was on to find Blake. As everything unravels, sides are chosen and unexpected help arrives. It’s about love, family, and making decisions that will keep the ones you love safe.

I enjoyed this and was hooked by Green Eyes AKA Blake. I don’t know whether I would have been as interested if he wasn’t homeless. It made for a different and interesting storyline. The other brothers were interesting, but Blake was the one that caught my attention as he did with Livia.

4 out of 5 stars: Aviary Photo_130483242079135333


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He was beaten and raped and left. A lonely, young homeless man with no family. An independent, older female writer in her house, in a comfortable, if isolated existence. She thought he was a boy and decided to help him get out of the alley on a cold night. And so it began. An act of kindness in a wary world.

They are 20 years apart in age, but she looks out for him. Sophie hires Lucas as her assistant. He helps her deal with her agent and her book. She wants to write what she wants, what not others think readers want. When she has an accident, he takes care of her. This interracial romance grew on me as they became friends, then more. I wasn’t as fond of the story that Sophie was writing, that was included in the novel. Overall, I cared a lot about them and saw beyond the age and other differences.

4 out of 5 stars  Aviary Photo_130483242079135333


Jane’s Melody: Amazon US:

Juicy: Amazon US:

Poughkeepsie: Amazon US:

Crash: Amazon US:

Have you ever fallen for a homeless BBF? If yes, which book and author? How about checking these titles that I’ve read and enjoyed with homeless guys as heroes?

Comments on: "Homeless and a Hero in a Romance Novel?" (2)

  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup said:

    I’ve not read any of those though I have 2 on my tbr pile and just adore Debra Anastasia as a person 🙂 She’s a total animal lover. I’d not heard of Crash. Will have to check that out!

    It is interesting seeing a homeless or nearly homeless hero. I read one recently by Sandy James who had lost pretty much everything and was having to start over and just barely scraping by.

  2. Lisa Salvary said:

    Thanks, Anna, for your comment. I’m glad to hear that about Debra Anastasia. I was re-reading Crash as I wrote this post. I’ll look for the one by Sandy James; I haven’t heard of her. I enjoy discovering ‘new’ authors.

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