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Author Spotlight: AJ Harmon

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Recently on my Facebook page, I spotlighted author A.J. Harmon because I enjoyed her First Class Novels contemporary romance series so much and wanted to share this terrific find with others. I was drawn in especially by First Class to New York, book 1 and then had to read the sequel to the cliffhanger, First Class to Portland, book 2. Two of my faves feature the whole family: First Class Voyage, and First Class Farewell. It was not just about the brothers, but their extended family.

I ‘ugly cried’ as I finished He’s No Saint, so different from the First Class series. I have recently started San Diego, from her Sky Romance series, and am looking forward to reading Las Vegas, the second book in this new series.

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First Class to New York was free (and still is on Amazon US at the time of this post). I didn’t know that this was her debut novel. I just saw a free ebook and took a chance. I was hooked. Janie Anderson was relatable as a woman finally living her dream of visiting New York City for the first time, flying first class. She was a widow with teen twin sons. At 42 years old, she wanted an adventure. She views NYC with a youthful vigor and desire to experience everything for the first time.

At the Portland airport on her way to NYC, she bumped into a hot guy and a bit later, he spills water on her! They end up being sitting next to each other in first class on the plane to New York. Sigh… Why can’t things like this ever happen to me? WHY NOT? It could happen… Yeah, right!

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Anyway, he happened to be Matthew Lathem, owner of MEL Holdings, the twice divorced, confirmed bachelor. And so it began. The attraction builds, and the sexy scenes sizzle!! This book ends with a cliffhanger that is resolved in First Class to Portland. That is also the beginning of her best friend’s (Katy) story.

Katy’s story is part of a cliffhanger ending that is resolved in First Class Justice, book 3. This novel deals with a serious issue as she goes to court to fight for justice. I liked that she is an independent, single mother of a teen son. She has had to make her way on her own since his birth and had no illusions of love. Then she met Matt’s brother, Mark. She was not willing to allow him in, but Mark is a Lathem who doesn’t take no for an answer.

Book 4 is First Class Voyage, in which Maureen, Matt and Mark’s mother, invite the whole family on a boat trip for Peter and her anniversary. Maureen was pestering Katy to marry Mark. It felt so real. I smiled in recognition of Katy’s frustration. And then Katy and Mark stay strong and did their own thing. I enjoyed getting to know the other Lathem brothers. The basketball competition was hilarious. I loved catching up with Matt and Janie and their family. There were some fun surprises.

First Class Hero highlights Paul Lathem, a military hero, and his growing attraction to Nicole, a schoolteacher. First Class Menu is book 6 and David’s turn. He’s an aspiring artist working at an art gallery who takes on his mother’s challenge to learn how to cook. Soon he’s getting private lessons from Executive Chef, Lindsey.

First Class Rescue featuring the youngest Lathem, Tim, who is a firefighter. He rescues a dog from a fire and then meets the woman he didn’t know he was looking for. First Class Stamp, Ben’s story starts with him exerting himself as he works at MEL Holdings with Matt and Mark. He heads to Brazil and ends up being a penpal to Maria’s, a single mom, son. When buying stamps to mail the letters, he meets Sophia’s son. She is a single mom as well. Ben has to choose between Maria and her.

First Class Farewell starts with a tragic happening and tears. It moves on to a family reunion on a Caribbean island and a love story for the younger generation. I cried at the loss and laughed at Ella’s antics and wondered at the time that had passed as this book is set a few years after First Class Stamp.

In First Class Family box set, a bonus novella: First Class Devotion tells the tale of Maureen and Peter, the matriarch and patriarch of the Lathems. It’s a sweet, romantic short story… a prequel to the series. I enjoyed that each of the brothers had their own personality as did the women they fell in love with. There is a freshness to this series that remained right to the end.

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He’s No Saint is different from AJ’s First Class novels series. It is a standalone. It deals with a priest with a past. In his youth, a friend and he got in trouble. Years later, the guilt from a relationship with a woman that had gone wrong, the friendship that was ruined, and a first love’s death all combine with Father Hugh engaging in some illicit behavior. When he meets a nun, who is hiding from life, he finds the love of his life. However, past events conspire against them. This has an OMG twist that caused me to ‘ugly cry’.


Her latest is Sky Romance Novels series. The first two are San Diego and Las Vegas, which I haven’t read yet, with Chicago, book 3, scheduled to be published in 2015.

San Diego: Flight attendant Jill Delaney has a surprise waiting for her at her weekend vacation destination in San Diego and a life altering decision to make.
William Nestor, an esteemed and wealthy New York Oncologist, flies west after decades of living on the opposite coast to bury his father, where he recognizes an unexpected opportunity to conquer his fear and claim a love that was lost. Annie and Evan Wilder, the perfect couple, travel to San Diego to discover the true meaning of unselfish love and the missing piece to their perfect life, only to be blessed beyond their dreams.

Las Vegas: After taking a Sky Romance flight to Las Vegas, socialite Jessie Ellis learns the hard way that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Choices have consequences, and not making the hard choices could have life-long consequences. Jessie makes the hard decision to choose her own future and fight for the love and happiness she deserves. Asher Jenkins is in desperate need of some decompression time. A chance meeting for Jessie and Asher turns into a mind-blowing one-night stand. Saying goodbye, they assumed they would never see one another again, but fate has a way of helping them to realize that their futures are entwined.

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(from AJ’s Amazon page)

AJ was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, and currently resides in the United States. She has been married to the love of her life for 30 years and has two grown children, and a dog named Max. She is an avid reader, writer and wannabe chef.

New romance author AJ Harmon published her first romance novel “First Class to New York” after accepting a challenge from a friend to write a book. She self-published the book on November 17, 2012 in Amazon’s Kindle eBook store as a contemporary romance.

“I just write about what I like to read as a romance novel enthusiast myself,” stated Harmon in a press release. It must be working as readers from around the world have downloaded thousands and thousands of her books and left rave reviews across the internet.



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  1. Oh the ugly cry! Pretty awesome to find ones like that. I’ve not read AJ yet but follow her and she seems like such a nice lady. I need to work these in soon I think 🙂

  2. Lisa Salvary said:

    Anna, I so enjoyed He’s No Saint and the First Class novels. I think you would, too. 🙂

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