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Charlotte Winston had the perfect life. Doting husband. Wonderful son. On one fateful day, in a matter of seconds, everything changed. Heartbroken and alone, Charlotte is left to pick up the remaining pieces of her shattered existence. Only to find that some pieces were not what they seemed, which not only threatened any chance for true happiness…but also her life. David Lyons vowed to never let another woman under his skin. Bitter and resentful, he never takes a woman to bed twice. He learned that lesson the hard way. But everything he stood for dissolves when he meets a green eyed beauty from the city. Can two people, so beaten down by life, so broken, move on from the past? Can love restore their light after being blanketed in darkness for so long?


My 3.75 star review
It starts off with a fatal car accident that caught my attention and emotion. Charlotte loses everything in one moment. Her husband and son are killed. She has to continue living without them, but soon after mysterious numbers call her phone, even when she changes her cell/mobile phones. I read quite a few romantic suspense novels, so I was looking for what makes this one different.
She heads to a small town as just one place to hide temporarily. The text messages and phone numbers keep coming. However, in this town she makes a friend with Melissa and Lily (even though the two have a strained relationship) and meets David. He is messed up since his girlfriend cheated on him and his mother left his father and him when he was young. I liked that he had a decent backstory as to his drinking and sleeping around in the beginning.

As the story continues, I wasn’t as fond of Charlotte and David and their bickering. Some of it seemed a bit childish, but they were coming from painful backgrounds. Charlotte had found out her husband was in over his head with gambling debts, and that the car accident was not an accident.
The story picked up for me about halfway through. The events pick up speed as Charlotte isn’t sure who to trust as more info is revealed. Then David has to decide what he is willing to do. I enjoyed the second half of the story more than the first.
There are sex scenes where Charlotte and David sizzle. There is some violence. What I think is that the secondary characters could have been developed a bit more, so that the side stories with David and his dad and the surprise twist, and Melissa’s reason for being angry and messed up as she tries to befriend Charlotte could have added to it. The ending wrapped a bit quicker with less detail about Jared and the rescue than I would have liked.
I hope that Lizzie, Melissa, Evan, and a couple more characters should have their own chance to a happily ever after.

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BrokenHome_RachelSmith_picAUTHOR BIO:
Rachel Smith was born and raised in small town Iowa. After spending a few years in the “big city” she now lives with her husband and two children in Clear Lake. She works part time from home and spends the rest of her days exercising, reading and taking care of her family. Having always had a vivid imagination, Rachel decided to bring her characters to life. This is the second book in the Glenview Series.


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  1. That sounds really good! Hard but good 🙂 Those are some of the best reads!

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