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Monica Beggs is more than the hottest porn star out on DVD–she’s Finn Daniel’s next assignment.

Lights. Camera. Lube?

Famous porn star Monica Beggs has wrapped up another grueling on-location movie shoot when the Colombian cartel attempts to kidnap her. Their guns are as real as the price on her pretty head.

Former Special Ops and present day surfer, Finn Daniels recognizes a lady in distress when he sees one—especially when it’s his adult film crush being hustled out the door. He’s no longer in the business of busting up the underworld, but that doesn’t deflect his moral compass.

In a fast-paced adventure–over land, sea, and air–playing it hot and heavy can only lead them straight into action!
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About the Author

Sheri FredricksAlways on the hunt for the uncommon things in life, award-winning author Sheri Fredricks thrives on creating one-of-a-kind adventures.

A former engineering secretary, she lives on California’s beautiful central coast. “I wanted to move away from a profession of inflexible right angles and create an unboxed world with no boundaries.” A voracious reader since her early years, Sheri found her brain crowded with stories of her own. “Ultimately,” she says, “my husband encouraged me to write them all down.”

Winner of the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award and a Finalist multiple times for InD’Tale Magazine’s Reward Of Novel Excellence award (RONE), she has numerous five-star reviews everywhere eBooks are sold.

Sheri loves to spend time at home and connecting with readers. A computer hutch keeps her focused on creating stories, but the panoramic view of life on a ranch will call her outside to play in the sun.

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Interview Questions from Lisa
By Sheri Fredricks
Hi Lisa! Thank you for inviting me here. I’m looking forward to your interview.

Q: What inspired you to write about a female porn star?

A: Have you ever read a romance where the leading heroine is a porn star? That’s why! I strive to create stories unlike anything else currently out on the market. Monica Beggs might start a new trend in writing stories with unusual characters.

Lisa: I like unusual characters!

Q: Do you like writing about strong heroines?

A: Strong, as in strong of character or strong of will — yes. Physically strong…not yet, although I do have something like that in the works. A woman who can overcome an obstacle, whether environmentally made or one of her own making, can hold her head high and do so much more. I like encouraging others to be the best they can be.

Q: Is Monica Beggs the start of a romance series?

A: Honestly, I hadn’t planned it that way. The feedback coming in has been overwhelming to write another and call it the Lights, Camera, Lube? series. If people really like this book, I’ll take a shot and write another. Just drop a note and let me know!

Q: Do you see this as a change in genre from paranormal / fantasy or just writing a different kind of novel?

A: In order to gain a fresh perspective in my paranormal/fantasy world, I broke away to write something completely different. There are…ohmygosh…something like twelve books total in the mythical world. After this lengthy break, I look forward to outlining few and getting started back in. I’ll keep taking much needed breaks and write outside the genre. Anything in particular someone wants to see? Remember: I like original ideas!

Q’s:  a) Would you like any of your stories to be made into a movie or a cable TV show?
b) If yes, who would you like to have cast in it/ them?

A’s:  a) Oh hell yes! Not only would that be a compliment to stroke my writer’s ego, but what an adventure! I’d want to take each and every one of you with me for the ride.

b) I’d cast Nina Dobrev (Vampire Diaries) as Monica Beggs


And Finn Daniels would be cast by either William Levy or Chris Hemsworth.




Lisa: Terrific choices!

Q: Has having been an engineering secretary influenced your writing in any way?

A: Absolutely! I keep notes and files on just about everything. My hutch is crammed with binders, note pads, manila file folders and sticky notes tacked up everywhere. I’m also a wee bit anal about spelling and punctuation. Not that I’m always right, mind you! But it’s a pet peeve of mine to read literature (and messages from my kids’ teachers) that are filled with errors. I can’t help it — I take a red pen to it all.

Q: What are you reading now?

A: Natasza Waters, a 30-year career military woman, writes gritty, military romantic suspense. Her series is called “A Warrior’s Challenge”. Pickup her first book, Code Name: Ghost. You won’t be sorry.

Lisa: I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!


Fun, sexy, some suspense, a bit cheesy, and some likable characters. I liked that Monica was a porn star, not ashamed, not because of an abusive past. It was different from the virginal and almost virginal heroines in many romance novels. The porn movie names were laugh out loud funny.

Finn was the protective, loyal, and romantic hero. He was fairly juvenile with his buddy and partner, Riley. He was also down with her being a porn star. Riley was a fun character, too. I hope that he gets his own story.

Some of the scenes with the villan and his henchmen were a bit silly, but the overall threat of her potentially being kidnapped did move the story along. The ending bit was a bit unbelievable, but I liked the new characters that were introduced.

Overall, this was a fun, erotic romp with some suspense. This was the first time that I read a book by this author, and I look forward to discovering her other books.

Note: I received a free copy to review. This is my honest opinion.

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