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Happy 2016 to all of my followers and readers!

We’ve made it to 2016! Through all the craziness, disappointment, violence, kindness, love, and fun of 2015, the world continues to turn. Celebrating the new year is my favorite holiday. It’s global with so many countries offering up fireworks as they enter the new year. I always feel hopeful because it is a fresh start.

Another year alive, survived, and celebrated. So many lessons, connections, and some confusion, too.

I ended last year knowing that I was rather unhappy with my old blog name, PR Mktg Sales. It was a name I had been using for other purposes, and when I decided to create a blog, it seemed an obvious, easy choice. However, since I was never truly comfortable with it, I found myself not wanting to promote it as much nor blogging as much as I’d like.

The importance of the right name for my blog came down to me questioning what I wanted to name it after some self-reflection and thought, and what was available. I wanted a name that didn’t really indicate what I’d be blogging about, so that I would not be limited, and a name that seemed a bit more fun. Also, I enjoy the regal nature of the lioness.

2016 is the year that I will blog more frequently on a variety of topics, including books which comprised most of my posts last year. I was able to easily switch my blog name on WordPress (what a relief!) and on most of my social media pages, except for Facebook. I had already used up my limited allowed changes. Bummer.

So, this is just one of the changes I’ll be making this year. I’ll make resolutions that I will allow myself to break, modify, and get back on track. I’m not pressuring myself to be perfect. I want to have my life more aligned with my values.

Another change is living a healthier, organic lifestyle. I’m not starting from scratch. I focused on the healthy habits I already have and building on those. Progress, learning, making mistakes, feeling frustration and wanting to give up, and then getting re-focused and committed is how I’ll keep the momentum.

Getting my new blog name and domain were step 1. I enjoyed making this change. I am determined to make more changes and blog about them!

What changes are you excited about making in 2016? Have you included small, medium, and big changes?


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  1. clickclickmycat said:

    Looks great! Keep me up to date, okay?

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