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Hamilton_musical_playbillI heard about a musical theater play called Hamilton that was a hit Off-Broadway and an even bigger hit currently on Broadway. The book, lyrics, and music were written/composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Tickets are sold out quite far in advance with a national tour starting in 2017 in San Francisco, California.

Thanks to Amazon Prime, I was able to listen to the Hamilton the Musical soundtrack. I am hooked! Sucked in by sheer delight of 46 tracks that includes hip-hop, rap, and other musical styles. The musical is told 100% in song. I’ve listened to the soundtrack in its entirety several times, as it is highly unlikely that I’ll be able to procure tickets to the show any time soon.

A play about the first Secretary of Treasury of the USA doesn’t sound as if it would interesting in any stretch of my imagination. Yet there is comedy, drama, love, war, and tragedy… and it’s a true story. I find myself curious about the American Revolution and wanting to read Hamilton by Ron Chernow, the book that inspired Lin-Manuel’s play.

History came to life for me with every lyric and note. Not the boring, dry memorization of historic events for the purpose of passing a class and getting a good grade. Instead I want to know more. It is also a federal election year. I am getting involved politically for the first time. It seems that a new kind of revolution may be occurring.

I now have the songs playing in my mind day and night. I tried to not play any songs for a few days, only to break down and play it again. I am thrilled that I now know about Alexander Hamilton’s humble and impoverished beginnings and how he became a true American hero.

A historic woman will added to the US $10 bill in 2020, I wonder what will happen to Hamilton who is currently on it. Maybe it is perfect timing that a play will allow the belligerent, intelligent, loyal founding father to have the impact I think he would have loved to have had.

I think that Lin-Manuel did a brilliant work that will shine on and has already changed casting and musicals on Broadway. His diverse casting and rich lyricism has made the soundtrack a favorite of mine. I can only imagine how seeing this play would impact me. I’ve cried, cringed, laughed, and felt a bit more connected to America and its history while listening.

My favorite tracks are: Wait for It (Aaron Burr’s song), Yorktown (the final battle), What Comes Next (King George’s song), Cabinet Battle #1 (a rap battle).

Congratulations on winning the Grammy for best musical theater album!

Thanks, Lin-Manuel, for this unforgettable experience, and I look forward for more from you!


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