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Have you been waiting for Book 6 of the Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson?
Or were you waiting for the Series to be all Complete & Released before you get started? Well – DARE TO DREAM is LIVE!!! The Series is Complete!!

DARE TO DREAM, Dream Series Book 6
“If you dare to love, is there any way you can lose?”
What’s next for the Fairchilds?    

Elizabeth Fairchild and, her true love, Jack Stevens, have organized the Dare to Dream Gala, and her whole family is joining her in New York.

Her three children all seem to have secrets.


Bradley, her oldest, wants to talk to her, but won’t say why.

Carter, her middle child, is bringing a girlfriend, but has said very little about her.

Even her youngest, Phoebe, seems to be hiding something.

Secrets and a reunion…Will there be celebrations?


This is the final book of the series and not a standalone:

This is the Dream series reading order:

1: Ditching the Dream (Elizabeth’s story)

2: Not in My Wildest Dreams (Jack’s story)

3: Chasing the Dream (Phoebe’s story)

4: Unexpected Dreams (Greg’s story)

5: Feels Like a Dream (Kevin’s story)

6: Dare to Dream (Everyone, including Beth’s sons, Bradley & Carter)

Nook, iBook & Kobo to come shortly!




The FULL DREAM SERIES Set of links:



“What if the dream isn’t all you thought it would be?”




“Could the wildest dreams be the ones you’re meant to follow?”


Chasing the Dream cover


“Are you chasing your dreams or are your dreams chasing you?”




“When the ‘perfect dream’ goes up in smoke, what will you do with the unexpected?




“When dreams turn into nightmares, can they become dreams again?”


DaretoDream_coverBook 6: DARE TO DREAM

“When you dare to love, is there any way you can lose?”


IsabellePetersonAbout the Author

Isabelle Peterson is a Chicago suburbs girl living in Connecticut enjoying days in New York City. Her Dream Series was never intended to exist. Thanks to a couple of authors who dared her to a write book (when she typically wrote screenplays), we got the book Ditching the Dream, which then evolved into the Dream Series. It didn’t take more than 8 months to complete the dare from rough draft to published, with several times rescuing the draft from the Deleted file.

With a new career started, she would need supporters…and her biggest ones are husband, Marcus; Beverly H. (one of the authors who dared her), and Jennifer G. (a loyal, dedicated reader).

Isabelle a fabulous author who–if it weren’t for a dare–we would have never gotten the chance to venture the world of the Dream Series. She has  several standalone books in the works.

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The final book in the Dream series… Bittersweet as I enjoy the Fairchilds, their friends and mates and don’t want the series to end yet. Elizabeth and Jack are back with a GLSEN gala planned. In this story, Brad and Carter share their secrets. They are Elizabeth’s sons, previously mentioned in other books, but no details on their lives… until now. Both secrets would have been enough to knock Elizabeth off kilter before Greg’s revelation, but now she knows that she loves them unconditionally, regardless of their choices.

I was thrilled that everyone was back: Greg and Tanner, Phoebe and Chase, as well as Kevin and Shelby. There are lots of sexy scenes. And then Shelby’s worst nightmare seems to be coming true. Greg and Tanner continue to explore their relationship, trying to determine where they are headed. While Phoebe’s past makes a re-appearance that could mean heartbreak.

So much was going on, but the romances have now become love stories with depth. Elizabeth and Jack are so well matched. He has to remind her to delegate and let go, and he uses bdsm to help her give up control. I enjoyed reading just how much Elizabeth has grown and become. Despite being with Jack, a Dominant, she is her own person. She didn’t get lost in the ‘we’. And she is the glue that holds them all together.

Then there is the biggest surprise of all. No!!!! This can’t be happening.

This is about family, love, sex, and acceptance. The Dream series conclusion gave me a sense of completion with the possibility that there just might be more to the series… I hope. The journey that began with a housewife who decided that her happiness was worth the risk of leaving everything that she knew behind to become the woman she only dreamed she could be and set others in her life on their own path to their dreams coming true.

Note: I received an ARC. This is my honest review. I have read and own all five of the other books in the series.

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