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Go Green with Your Beauty Routine!

I don’t use much makeup but when I do, it’s usually has organic and few non-natural ingredients. So, this book was of interest to me, though I had not heard of the blogger/author. I don’t usually read books or blogs about makeup. This book piqued my interest when I saw it offered on NetGalley for review. She shares her personal experiences as well as those of her clients.

It started off a bit slow for me with explanations that I personally did not need, but would be helpful for those new to the concept or skeptical or just wanting more info. I really appreciated that she was not preaching an “all or nothing” approach. Not only did she offer “green” and sustainable options, but also how to transition to those products at your own pace. She did not preach, humiliate, or use it as a soapbox. It was more like a helping hand and showing the way.

The colors in the book were vibrant as she reassured us that more “green” products are being introduced, more than when she originally started her blog. This is a growing movement. This is where the beauty industry is headed. The description of the toxic ingredients versus the benefits found in the natural ingredients blew my mind. I am now better able to decipher labels. I tend to buy lipstick/lip balm/ lip pencil with natural, “green”, with some organic ingredients, but now I have been educated on also facial cleaning and maintenance options.

I’m glad that she compiled the book from her blog posts because I would never have discovered her or this book. I think that she will have increased her audience and reach (I hope!) with this format. Of course, it is not updated as easily as a blog. This is a solid resource, especially as an ebook can be updated and mobile enough to take when you’re shopping and making decisions on products that affect your health, the environment, and your values.

Buy the book:

Kindle USA: The Green Beauty Rules

Paperback USA: The Green Beauty Rules

About the Author/Blogger (from Amazon page)

Paige Padgett, a leading authority on green beauty, has never been afraid to go against the grain. An irreverent, free spirit, she follows her instincts and her heart. At the mere age of 12 she announced to her family that she was no longer eating red meat. Ironically, her half-Native American grandfather was a cattle rancher. It was no surprise, then, that when beauty experts said she couldn’t provide safe and eco-friendly makeup artistry and still create beautiful faces, she set out to prove them wrong ― and did.

Now considered a leading authority on green beauty Paige is the Green Beauty Expert for Dasani ECOmmunity Facebook Page,, Jillian Michaels Wellness Team and founded, a green beauty website. In addition, she is often sought out by the press and has been featured in Shape, Elle, GenLux,,, The Los Angeles Times, Vegetarian Times, Natural Health and Whole Life Times Magazine. Her television, radio, podcasts and live appearances include “Martha Stewart Radio,” “San Diego Live,” “The Jillian Michaels Radio Show,” “Green Is Good,” “The Healthy Voyager” and “The Jillian Michaels Wellness Cruise.”

Follow her:

Instagram: @paigepadgett

Twitter: @paigepadgett

Facebook page:


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