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New! Pretty In Pink Slip by Jennifer Skully


New release from Jennifer Skully!

Ivy is 34 and her hero Brett is 52 in PRETTY IN PINK SLIP, book 3 of the After Office Hours standalone series.
Anything can happen after office hours.
She’s a single mother who works at his company. He’s a brilliant CEO. She gave her heart and soul to the wrong man once. Can she ever trust enough to give it all again?

Ivy has a six year old daughter named Joy, and Brett has his first grandchild. They work at the same startup company. Ivy called out Rhonda, and now Brett fears that she might sue the company. Ivy is not sure if every flirtation from Brett is done to avert a lawsuit. But their attraction cannot be denied. ┬áCan they mix business with pleasure … as long as it is ‘after office hours’?


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I have read all of the books in this sexy series at the startup company that I would like to work at just for all the romances and friendships!
Desire Actually has Jordana (30); Love Affair to Remember has Gloria (48); Pretty in Pink Slip has Ivy (34)
I also like that the titles are derived from romance movie titles! Desire Actually is from the movie, Love Actually; Love Affair to Remember is from An Affair to Remember; and, Pretty in Pink Slip is from Pretty in Pink.

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4.5 stars! Cool title. Ivy gets told off by Rhonda, a work colleague, and has to decide whether she will sue the company or whether she is falling in love with the CEO, Brett. Rhonda has been a thorn in the side of all three ladies of this mature romance series. At this company, Rhonda practically terrorizes everyone. But with Brett giving Rhonda a leave to think about things, Ivy gets a chance to figure out what she wants.

I liked Ivy and Brett. Ivy was the single mother abandoned by the baby daddy. Her daughter, Joy, is as bubbly as her name. And then there is her mother who has been bitter since her husband left years ago. Ivy takes some time to figure out whether she wants to sue the company or whether Brett is sincere and not playing her in order to keep her from a lawsuit. Her mother gives her two cents as often as possible, and Joy is falling for Brett as well.

For me, this story worked on quite a few levels. Ivy had to determine who she was outside of her own harsh judgment of her past, if she could trust Brett, and if she was bold enough to go after her real dream. She went from passive aggressive to assertive. Her character developed and grew. I liked her interactions with Jordana, Gloria, and Hannah. I like females being friends in romance novels, that it’s not just about the guy.

Brett is 52, a grandfather, and divorced; Ivy is 34, a single mother, and a college dropout. They don’t seem like a likely couple, but the author brings their story to life. I was a bit bothered by Ivy allowing Joy to get so close to Brett so fast, but it was a minor concern. Their Thanksgiving together was the turning point, and her mother’s advice surprised me. And then Ivy confronts Rhonda with quite the unexpected result.

While I enjoyed the story, I skimmed Brett and Ivy’s sexy scenes. I didn’t fall in love with Brett, but I liked him, which is why I rated it 4.5 stars. the sexy scenes were romantic and detailed. I preferred the other two couples, but I loved that the series included a single mother!

I hope that Hannah will be the next to get a story in this series. I received a review copy, but since I enjoyed the previous two books, I 1-clicked a copy. This one is a keeper because of Ivy.

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