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Pre-order: Dream Series by Isabelle Peterson



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Isabelle Peterson’s 6 book Dream Series has been bundled and coming to Kindles everywhere on July 11, 2017!!


With overall reviews at 4.6 and higher, you don’t want to miss this collection following the Fairchild Family Saga.
And pre-ordering will save you some $$!

Here’s the link to Pre-Order Now!


New! 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson + Giveaway

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245 Days by Isabelle Peterson 
 Release Sale – $2.99 
March 14, 2017, goes to full price of $3.99

“Such sizzling chemistry just can’t be avoided!” ~ Pauline (Passionate About Books)

“Five stars from me and I don’t reread books often but this is one I might just have to because I felt a connection to the characters.”
~ Jennifer (Goodreads Review)

“OMG. It’s literally 3 am and I just finished the book. I couldn’t stop. I just could not put it down to sleep. I’m going to be exhausted tomorrow but it was so worth it.”
~ S. (Sinfully Sweet Promotions)

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance 


Cover Reveal: 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson


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245 DAYS by Isabelle Peterson

Release Date: March, 7, 2017 


**Pre-Order starts Feb. 14, 2017


Pre-Order price – $2.99 thru March 14, 2017. 
Then up to $3.99.


Genre: MM Romance
Ashley Brennan, son of a luxury hotel chain billionaire, is happy consulting and teaching business. Moving from California to an opportunity in Connecticut at the prestigious New England University, Ashley takes it to escape a string of bad luck in the romance department. Meeting Taylor at the off campus bar, The Library, Ashley feels his luck may be changing.


Sugar Daddy’s Baby by Julia Bramer

Sugar Daddy’s Baby
By: Julia Bramer
Release: October 17, 2016
Genre: Romantic Thriller
One fateful night changes everything.

After ten years of hard work and sacrifice, Marley Williams is close to accomplishing her goal. She’ll never be poor or hungry again. Then one interaction, a bizarre story, an hour in her life set her on a new path. She discovers Cockaigne, a mythical-turned-real paradise where everyone gets whatever they want. She jeopardizes everything to experience it and gets more than she bargained for.

Please note, Sugar Daddy’s Baby is a romantic thriller with adult themes. It contains sexually explicit scenes and some offensive language and violence and is for mature audiences only.


1. Which is your least favorite character from a book that you’ve written? It would have to be Baba in Tumbleweed. He’s supposedly a religious man yet what he does to Haley is reprehensible.
2. What’s or who’s your muse? I don’t have a muse.
3. Which book of yours would you like to see as a movie or Netflix series? I think the Vitamin D Treatment would make a fun movie, primarily because of the setting – an old mansion with secret doors and tunnels that has been turned into an expensive bed and breakfast.
4. What are you reading now? The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry
5. Which author(s) is/are your ‘go to’ for a good read? Ken Follett
6. Do you have a hobby? Yes, I play Fantasy Football every year. I like to put together jigsaw puzzles on cold winter nights and I go for walks practically every day.
7. Any advice for aspiring authors? Write what you love and don’t expect immediate success. They are hundreds, maybe thousands of new books released every day, and unless you’re a well-known author, it’s going to be hard to stand out. The only thing we have control over is our writing and the best we can do is hope readers discover us.
I live in Colorado with my husband and an old, spoiled cat. I enjoy football and soccer, barbecues and books. I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel the world, which has shaped my perspective on life. I write love stories with a naughty edge and often weave in scenes of places and people I’ve encountered on my travels. Most of all, I like to keep it real.

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Re-release: Love, MD by Rebecca Rohman


Love M.D. Synopsis

As an accomplished interior designer in San Francisco’s Bay Area, Zoë Jenkins is used to transforming empty spaces into masterpieces. She leaves little square footage in her personal life for anything outside of her thriving business and a renewed relationship with her twin brother. After a decade spent ripped apart by circumstance and an entire ocean’s distance, she depends on no one but him. Until a sexy surgeon walks into her life.

Although Zoë can’t deny her attraction to the charming and benevolent Morgan Drake, he’s on her mental list of everything she should avoid. Past experience taught Zoë that dating clients compromises business. Add a not-yet-dissolved marriage to the mix and Doctor Hottie is definitely Doctor Off-limits.

Dr. Morgan Drake is surprised at the undeniable chemistry he feels when he’s in the same room as Zoë. The strikingly beautiful and solitary designer he hired to fill his new-start, new-city home makes it abundantly clear there will never be anything between them. But twelve years of medical school breeds persistence. He sets out to persuade the pants off Zoë Jenkins and show her what her empty spaces are missing.

Intense passion and amazing sex have a way of masking secrets—secrets that unravel a dangerous web of fraud, corruption and conspiracy that turn Zoë’s quiet spaces into a world where nothing is as it seems. With her life on the line, the good doctor responsible for her fiercest betrayal might just be the only one worthy of her finest interior masterpiece—this time, of her heart.

Meet Dr. Morgan Drake


Reclining Nude in Chicago by Fifi Flowers



Re Release Blitz

Title: Reclining Nude in Chicago

Author: Fifi Flowers

Cover Designer: Susan Garwood with Wicked Women Designs

Re-Release Date: July 18, 2016

( Reclining NudeFinalEbook0630


Set to interview Matisse expert and curator Pierce Marten in a Chicago loft, freelance art writer Julia Van Rothfelder is mistaken for an artist’s life model.

Finding herself reclining nude posing for a handsome casually dressed curator, nothing like what she had imagined, a well-groomed man in a business suit enters the artist loft.

As Julia surveys the two men standing before her, she wonders…

Who is the new man?

Who is the man behind the canvas?

And better question,  why am I nude?


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( Reclining Nudedraft0627-FINAL-2


While daydreaming of her time spent sipping cafe crème in the cafes of Paris, Fifi Flowers, an internationally known artist turn author from the Los Angeles area of California, writes romance novels and paints fantasies with a Parisian flair.

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New Release: Wicked by Lainie Suzanne



You know them.
You envy them.
You secretly crave to be WITH them.
They are WICKED!
Discover the lascivious and tantalizing journey of Charlotte and Edward and how they became the Dynamic Duo of Nexus.  (more…)

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